When the Harlor Women Cook

ImageWe Harlor women (and descendants of) have never been known for our domestic bliss.  We come from a line of three sisters that possessed adventurous spirits and creative souls.   Much of the mundane tasks of domestication were just of no interest to them, or us.  We would rather be traveling, antiquing, checking out local and neighboring venues, pursuing our various hobbies and rooting for the Buckeyes.  Cooking however, gave us a way to express our creative side and feed our adventurous nature by continually trying new dishes. Some of us were fortunate to have help with the mundane domestic chores, and some of us just shrugged our shoulders at the disarray of our households.   Either way, we Harlor women were always glad to be in each other’s homes sharing our latest “stolen” recipe or latest original concoctions and bonding a little bit more.
Our cooking site is for all the “Harlor Women” out there and we hope you enjoy it.  See it at:  https//www.facebook.com/whentheharlorwomencook or watch for the release of our cookbook soon.
2014 Nancy Buffington

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