A Poem for Franke

When you said “hello” today I didn’t have a chance to say
All the feelings deep inside and the pride I feel for you
I’m so glad you had the nerve to go and get what you deserve.
There are many who would say they never had a chance to play
The game they wanted from the start, but knew they didn’t have the heart.

When you said “hello” today there was something else to say
Someone will say someday how Lady Luck just fell you way
The years of struggle and the pain will not be seen for all the fame
They’ll never know the tears you cried when your efforts seemed to ride
In people’s hands who didn’t care, seems all they wanted was their share
Of something they wouldn’t even dare

When you said “Hello” today I thought of how you used to play
In life’s hard times then today you say you’re finally on your way.
The time has come for you to leap up there on top where you belong
A place reserved for just the strong a spot you so deserve to keep
My heart was happy for the way you said “Hello” to me today.

c1986 Nancy Buffington


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