Dear TV

I have this love-hate affair
with programs you place on the air
Some you show with such great flair
Others seem like you don’t even care

You taught me to cook authentic Chinese
and what to do for a cough or a sneeze
You can make me laugh when I feel blue
You’re there to watch when there’s nothing to do

I loved you for those wonderful shots
of places that the Calypso sought
I’ve been informed of world events
You’ve let me know how my money is spent

You were the eyes for me to see
the day the “52” went free
But today you hurt me deep inside
You made me watch as I sat and cried

I hated you for the ugly truth
about our country’s latest sleuth
A boy with a gun suddenly appeared
Shots rang out as his chamber cleared

I sat and watched in disbelief
This time I watched, you brought me grief
Our President was shot, though he survived
Three good men were by his side

You showed them laying on cold cement
I wondered where our humanity went
The street was wet, there had been a rain
The bodies wriggled, wracked in pain

Jim Brady’s blood made a pool where he lay
I watched in horror as life drained away
He kicked his legs while withering there
My horror was melting, replaced with despair

You showed every detail, I heard every sound
I was struck as to where our country was bound
Wherever it goes, whatever it might do
I’ll be here watching, wondering – ambivalent to you

c 1981 Nancy Buffington


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