The Dancing Dervish

He was big and fat, sweaty and hairy

Not the kind of guy I’d want to marry

but when he danced, so light on his feet

watching him move was really a treat

He would wiggle and giggle, not noticing the jiggle

of his oversized belly, that missed the signal

while this man danced to the spirited band

twirling like a dervish not wanting to land

Joy filled his soul, it showed on his face

No other dancers could keep to his pace

When the music ended and he came to a stop

my thoughts were so different – I thought he was tops

He didn’t look big and fat; sweaty and hairy

He looked quite fun, joyful and merry.

Ashamed of my thoughts about this great man

Have I other past judgements that should not stand?

Nancy Buffington


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