WHERE is our President? Our Israeli friends have the courage to stand up for what they believe. Back up what they believe, and not be deterred by political pontificating from around the world.

There is a rare opportunity here that the Israelis alone have taken on. The United States and the world know that many terrorists groups percolate in various countries in the Middle East. The Israelis bravely have taken the stand that enough is enough. Why isn’t the United States and other countries supporting them militarily and taking this opportunity to once and for all rid the world of these evil groups? It’s common knowledge that these terrorist groups are executing Jews and Christian almost daily. Instead, our President releases 4 really scary terrorist for one half-baked American that from what I have read is not all that American. Our President naively indicates that he would prefer to negotiate a cease fire. Seriously? Would that solve anything other than temporarily only to have some tragedy occur somewhere else?

The world has been terrorized for far too long by these sinister groups and it is time to “man up” and take this opportunity to stand with Israel. These terrorist groups in whatever country they reside (including ours) should be put on notice that we are coming for them. We should close our borders and throw them out. We should show these evil groups that we will not allow our children to grow up wondering when and where the next terrorist attack will take place in our country or the world.

I stand with Israel and hope that our President would interrupt his golf game and fund-raising to do the same.

c 7/2014 Nancy Buffington


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