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Beach Rap

Toes in the sand
Where is the band?
I need a margarita
in my manicured hand

The band starts strumming
The people start coming
They place their umbrellas
in the perfect spot for sunning

The waves keep drumming
The people start plunging
I see what’s in my cooler
and decide to start munching

Toes in the sand
There is the band!
And I have my margarita
in my manicured hand

c 7/6/2013
Nancy Buffington


Where the Sandy Path Goes

Down the well-trod sandy path
South of the lighthouse pier
weary travelers come
seeking respite in the sun

I’ve walked this path for 40 years
It welcomes me as I come
Longing for the healing sun
It centers me as one

The sandy path soothes my soul
It lightens my weary heart
from all the pain life can bring
and chaos it can sling

Where does the sandy path go?
it’s been there so very long
It takes me to a place I know
And reminds me I am strong.

c 6/13/2013
Nancy Buffington

(photo unknown)

That Little White Ball


The frost is on the fairway
the leaves are turning brown
I hope the weather lets me
play just one more round

The birds have all gone southward
there isn’t a single sound
I’ll bet that if I hurry
I could play just one more round

My hands are getting cold
my fingers begin to numb
but if I wear my gloves –
bet I could get one more round

The snow is deep, I want to weep
In all these years I’ve found
there’s nothing quite like getting
to play that final round.
c2012 Nancy Buffington

Dancing Between the Raindrops

She danced between the raindrops
She could float above the clouds
No fear of the dark shadows
whenever she’s around.

She could shine as bright as any star
She soared amongst the birds
With love, hope, and kindness
from her lips. . . these words.

She sparkled like a diamond
She would giggle like a child.
But while dancing between the raindrops,
her loving heart roamed wild.
Nancy Buffington 5/2/13

Bad Times

and Hezbollah

Air strikes
and Beheadings

and gangs

School shootings
Child abuse
Pet abuse
No excuse

Car bombs
Train wrecks
Murders and rapes

Road rage
Hate crimes. . . .
Close the drapes

c2014 Nancy Buffington

The Dancing Dervish

He was big and fat, sweaty and hairy

Not the kind of guy I’d want to marry

but when he danced, so light on his feet

watching him move was really a treat

He would wiggle and giggle, not noticing the jiggle

of his oversized belly, that missed the signal

while this man danced to the spirited band

twirling like a dervish not wanting to land

Joy filled his soul, it showed on his face

No other dancers could keep to his pace

When the music ended and he came to a stop

my thoughts were so different – I thought he was tops

He didn’t look big and fat; sweaty and hairy

He looked quite fun, joyful and merry.

Ashamed of my thoughts about this great man

Have I other past judgements that should not stand?

Nancy Buffington

A Poem for Franke

When you said “hello” today I didn’t have a chance to say
All the feelings deep inside and the pride I feel for you
I’m so glad you had the nerve to go and get what you deserve.
There are many who would say they never had a chance to play
The game they wanted from the start, but knew they didn’t have the heart.

When you said “hello” today there was something else to say
Someone will say someday how Lady Luck just fell you way
The years of struggle and the pain will not be seen for all the fame
They’ll never know the tears you cried when your efforts seemed to ride
In people’s hands who didn’t care, seems all they wanted was their share
Of something they wouldn’t even dare

When you said “Hello” today I thought of how you used to play
In life’s hard times then today you say you’re finally on your way.
The time has come for you to leap up there on top where you belong
A place reserved for just the strong a spot you so deserve to keep
My heart was happy for the way you said “Hello” to me today.

c1986 Nancy Buffington