Bad Times

and Hezbollah

Air strikes
and Beheadings

and gangs

School shootings
Child abuse
Pet abuse
No excuse

Car bombs
Train wrecks
Murders and rapes

Road rage
Hate crimes. . . .
Close the drapes

c2014 Nancy Buffington


The Dancing Dervish

He was big and fat, sweaty and hairy

Not the kind of guy I’d want to marry

but when he danced, so light on his feet

watching him move was really a treat

He would wiggle and giggle, not noticing the jiggle

of his oversized belly, that missed the signal

while this man danced to the spirited band

twirling like a dervish not wanting to land

Joy filled his soul, it showed on his face

No other dancers could keep to his pace

When the music ended and he came to a stop

my thoughts were so different – I thought he was tops

He didn’t look big and fat; sweaty and hairy

He looked quite fun, joyful and merry.

Ashamed of my thoughts about this great man

Have I other past judgements that should not stand?

Nancy Buffington

A Poem for Franke

When you said “hello” today I didn’t have a chance to say
All the feelings deep inside and the pride I feel for you
I’m so glad you had the nerve to go and get what you deserve.
There are many who would say they never had a chance to play
The game they wanted from the start, but knew they didn’t have the heart.

When you said “hello” today there was something else to say
Someone will say someday how Lady Luck just fell you way
The years of struggle and the pain will not be seen for all the fame
They’ll never know the tears you cried when your efforts seemed to ride
In people’s hands who didn’t care, seems all they wanted was their share
Of something they wouldn’t even dare

When you said “Hello” today I thought of how you used to play
In life’s hard times then today you say you’re finally on your way.
The time has come for you to leap up there on top where you belong
A place reserved for just the strong a spot you so deserve to keep
My heart was happy for the way you said “Hello” to me today.

c1986 Nancy Buffington

Dear TV

I have this love-hate affair
with programs you place on the air
Some you show with such great flair
Others seem like you don’t even care

You taught me to cook authentic Chinese
and what to do for a cough or a sneeze
You can make me laugh when I feel blue
You’re there to watch when there’s nothing to do

I loved you for those wonderful shots
of places that the Calypso sought
I’ve been informed of world events
You’ve let me know how my money is spent

You were the eyes for me to see
the day the “52” went free
But today you hurt me deep inside
You made me watch as I sat and cried

I hated you for the ugly truth
about our country’s latest sleuth
A boy with a gun suddenly appeared
Shots rang out as his chamber cleared

I sat and watched in disbelief
This time I watched, you brought me grief
Our President was shot, though he survived
Three good men were by his side

You showed them laying on cold cement
I wondered where our humanity went
The street was wet, there had been a rain
The bodies wriggled, wracked in pain

Jim Brady’s blood made a pool where he lay
I watched in horror as life drained away
He kicked his legs while withering there
My horror was melting, replaced with despair

You showed every detail, I heard every sound
I was struck as to where our country was bound
Wherever it goes, whatever it might do
I’ll be here watching, wondering – ambivalent to you

c 1981 Nancy Buffington

Alone in the Park

Alone she would go to the park by the river

where couples relaxed or kissed with a quiver


She like to watch them, she felt she belonged

but it made her remember about how that she longed


For a connection she missed with a like-minded soul

that she could feel safe with, to fill her heart’s lull


To someone at night she could rumple the cover

and cuddle so slight with someone called lover


She watched them and wondered how they made the connection

Was she lacking something?  Was she seeking perfection?


She would leave the park and find some distraction

so she wouldn’t think of her lack of attraction


To someone she knew was out there somewhere

to sit in the park with and love, should she dare.


c 6/28/2013 Nancy Buffington



When did my knees go? And where? It seems like all of a sudden these two little bald heads in the middle of my legs decided to check out with no notice. It’s not like I used to jog and torture my knee caps. In fact I always thought of joggers as people from another planet checking out our environment for future habitation.  Even in the animal kingdom, nothing upright on two legs runs very much. Well, unless you’re an ostrich.

I survived the ego crash of being recognized as a senior citizen when I was automatically charged the senior discount price for a cup of coffee, and being called ma’am by 20 somthing girls I think are the same age as me in my head.

I’m over the depression of feeling invisible when I walk down the street and a nice looking man passes by without so much as a nod, that Hollywood will never discover me, and the realization that I will never again be a size 8 unless I’m indefinately hooked up to life support machines.

But when my knees went, well, it was just plain humiliating. There are times I need to get down on the floor – to clean something, retrieve a dog toy from under the couch, or clean out the sliding glass door tracks. If there’s something around me like the side of the bathtub, a chair seat or coffee table I can push myself up with a bit of grace, it’s not so bad.

Tuesday I dropped a drinking glass on our ceramic tile floor in the middle of the living room and had to get down on all fours to look for shards of glass. After crawling around and making a neat little pile of all the glass, I panicked. There wasn’t anything within range to grab to give myself a boost up. I squirmed around on the floor in a couple of awkward positions that could have gotten me an interview with the Cirque Soleil. Finally I did something vaguely resembling the downward facing dog in heat and got myself up.

About a month ago my husband and I went dancing with another couple. I danced to maybe 5 or 6 songs. Within a week my knees hurt so bad I had to get cortisone shots in them. The humiliation was right up there with the Downward Dog.

 2014 Nancy Buffington





Why was I so angry today?  Betty, the elderly lady that is selling us her house called and wanted to remind me about the change of utilities.  (Like having moved a bizillion times, I didn’t think of that.)  I was gracious and said:  “Oh thank you for reminding me”, but inside I was ticked-off because a week ago Betty asked me if we could close early – she said that would really help her out because she needed the money and then reneged on the early closing date.

I moved heaven and earth to get my lender to commit to this Friday, two weeks early. When I called to inform Betty’s realtor that I got the early date confirmed, she informed me that Betty wanted to wait for the original closing date two weeks later.   She said Betty needed the whole time to get her act together.  Was I steamed?  When Betty called today about the utilities, I had to listen to her complain about all she needs to do, how she was afraid she would have to fly to Kentucky because her daughter was ill.  Then she said her daughter is coming in Sunday to help, she’s not sure she doing the right thing, and on an on. I might point out that she didn’t demonstrate such an uncertain attitude when we were negotiating the contract.  Her mind was like a steel trap.  For instance her patio set I bought, and a few other items I bought from her that went well with the house, and only this house, Betty was adamant that she get cash two weeks before the closing.

I know what you’re thinking.  What a cold-hearted crank I am.   As it’s not my style to lay my whole life’s story on someone, when Betty wanted to close two weeks early, I did not tell her how it would help us out also.   I didn’t tell her that if we waited until the original closing date, Will’s 86 year old Mother is coming for a visit for the very first time to “surprise” us – with her daughter, son-in-law, and 3 kids under the age of 10!  I didn’t tell her I had $50,000 uninvested cash sitting at the title company for 2 months, and I didn’t tell her I am paying $1000 a month, plus utilities and pool service, just to have the pleasure of sitting amongst boxes and eat from paper plates for the last 2 months.  I didn’t tell her how I am paying for furniture storage for the girl that bought my house, because my lender didn’t get the previous house we were in contract for closed on time.  I didn’t tell her any of that.  She wouldn’t have heard it anyway.

When I tried to let her know that I can relate to dealing with someone’s illness while she was complaining about her medical issues, I mentioned: “Yes, Betty, I know, my husband’s 86 year old Mother is dealing with some pretty serious issues, too”.  She talked right over me to continue on with her complaints.  Not in the least interested in anyone outside her own head.   That’s why I’m mad.

I try very hard to be patient and considerate with people I am dealing with.  But I need to feel like it is a two-way street.  I know Betty has lived in this house for many years, her husband died in this house; her grandkids swam in the pool in this house.  She has many fond memories in this house.  But what I realized today is how important it is for us to be able to embrace change – at any age.

I don’t believe we should get a free pass on our attitudes just because we’re older.  Life, as they say marches on no matter how old we are.  Nothing stays the same.  We can only embrace the changes, and occasionally get to look back at our memories with fondness.  But if we look back too long, we’ll miss the magical moments that are happening right now – and probably get a stiff neck.   I hope Betty has many more magical moments.